We believe you are not JUST a customer, but when you come on board you become part of the Avonnex family.

Hear From Some of the Avonnex Family

“Amrik and the Avonnex team’s dedication to customer service has been exceptional. Their support throughout the implementation process and ongoing assistance have been invaluable.”

Gareth Thomas

Owner, Creigiau Pharmacy

“Our robots have been indispensable for us and we affectionately call our current Sintesi robot ‘Romeo’ and its autoloader ‘Juliet’ as both work as part of our team, often still working hard during the night whilst the rest of us are asleep!”

Jacqui Campbell

Owner, Pritchards Pharmacy

“The exceptional capability of the Euclid arm to efficiently pick numerous items at once and deliver them in a single operation has revolutionized our operations. As we are now able to do other things rather than manually picking.”

Tausif Saudi

Owner, Medichem Pharmacy

“The Sintesi robot has had a profound impact on our warehouse team, streamlining the management of numerous totes delivered by suppliers. Previously time-consuming manual tasks such as picking, stocking, and date checking have become obsolete, courtesy of our robotic assistant, P.A.M.”

Harjinder & Baljit

Owners, Smarta Healthcare

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.