Virtual Shelves

Avonnex can help you to automate your pharmacy in the most efficient and cost-effective ways that are tailored to your pharmacy’s needs.

The Future of Product Presentation

Medishelf can manage an unlimited number of products that would be impossible to display on shop floor.

It presents significant cost and time savings by minimizing the need for physical stock on the shop floor, thereby reducing shelf management activities and eliminating instances of empty shelves. This freed-up space and time can be redirected toward more patient-centred areas and activities. 

User Friendly

A touchscreen facilitates easy navigation to the desired item, allowing users to simply tap and access more information about the product. 

Manage Special Offers with Ease

The pharmacy team can effortlessly update the pricing of products via the administrative page. 

Standalone solution

Medishelf is a standalone product suitable for use in any pharmacy. Alternatively, it can be linked to a dispensing robot for enhanced functionality. 


Pharmacies have the flexibility to customize backgrounds and shelf styles to seamlessly integrate with their environment. 

Usage information is readily available

Ability to review and analyse activities on the virtual shelves.

See MediShelf in Action

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.