Stock/Pick to Light Channel Dispensing Solution

Created by pharmacists for pharmacists using the channel system to streamline medication stocking and dispensing aided by LED lighting.

Your Partner in Pharmacy Automation

An easy to use modular automation solution, utilising coloured LEDs to guide the user to the correct location for both picking and stocking medication. The eOnBOX comes in many colours and finishes to smoothly blend into your pharmacy colours and design and provides a multitude of benefits for both the patient and pharmacy.

Multiple Users:  Different LED colours  allow multiple people to dispense medications at the same time without the risk of error

Efficient picking and stocking: The separation of the loading and dispensing area means that the medicines are freely accessible for dispensing while stocking is being carried out simultaneously.

Expandable and configurable:  The width of the channels are  easily  configurable to accommodate different pack sizes.  Additional units can be added to the S4 as required .


Time Saving

  • Eases inventory management
  • Faster dispensing
  • Faster stocking
  • No more searching for medication, LEDs guide user to the correct location

Efficient Use of Space

  • Much less space required than traditional drawers used in Pharmacies.
  • Store up to 3000 items in a space less than 1sqm   -S4 Unit
  • Store up to 9000 items in a space less than 2.7 sqm  – S12 Unit

Minimise Picking / Stocking errors

  • The Coloured LED system guides the user to the right location
  • Multiple users can dispense at the same time with ease and accuracy

Simultaneous Dispensing and refilling

  • The eOnBOX solution allows for dispensing and refilling at the same time without interrupting either action.
  • Multiple users can dispense at the same time

Easy to use

  • The system of using different coloured LEDs greatly assist the dispensing and the stocking process. This visual method is easy to use with minimal training.

Model S4

  • Up to 400 channels
  • Up to 3000 items

Model S6

  • Up to 600 channels
  • Up to 4500 items

Model S8

  • Up to 800 channels
  • Up to 6000 items

Model S12

  • Up to 1200 channels
  • Up to 9000 items

How does it work?

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.