Connected cartridge shelf to communicate with the Celia to optimise blister filling.

High Volume MDS Dispensing

The Smart Rack expands Celia’s canister capacity by an additional 384 slots. This system is modularly expandable and operates through Celia’s production algorithm.  

Lights on the Smart Rack guides the Celia operator to the specific location of canisters for easy swapping with others. This feature significantly speeds up the filling process by eliminating the need for an alphabetical search, thanks to intelligent light guidance. 

Furthermore, the Smart Rack streamlines and accelerates the identification of canisters to be filled during work preparation or ongoing production. It ensures the tracking and traceability of medicines throughout the entire process. 

A simple and user-friendly solution

The Smart Rack utilizes identical software as Celia, offering a seamless plug-and-play solution. 

Interchangeable Canisters

Every canister is uniquely identified through an NFC tag. Each canister design is tailored to the specific shape and size of the medication, ensuring a smooth dispensing process. 

Time saving

The Smart Rack significantly boosts Celia’s capacity, leveraging the intelligence of its software to save valuable time. 


The Smart Rack modules offer flexibility in placement, allowing them to be either positioned on a table or securely fixed to a wall. These modules can be arranged on platforms, either in a linear sequence behind one another or side by side. 

Modular Product

The Smart Rack is initially delivered with 48 slots and can be expanded in increments of 6 slots through additional modules. A single Smart Rack can accommodate up to 384 canisters. 

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.