Automated Pharmacy
of the Future

Avonnex can help you to automate your pharmacy in the most efficient and cost-effective ways that are tailored to your pharmacy’s needs.

"not all dispensing robots are the same!"

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Smart Digital shelves

With the intense pressures on pharmacies to remain competitive, where time is a luxury and space is at a premium, automation and technology play a crucial role in helping pharmacies remain competitive.

Technology is seen as a friend and an ally in meeting the evolving healthcare demands. Pharmacies are under pressure to keep up with these demands, and automation offers solutions that can help release valuable staff time that can be redeployed to further help streamline operations and improve efficiencies in your pharmacy.

Investing in a pharmacy automation, such as robotics and entrusting the preparation and dispensing of medication to an automated pharmacy dispensing system for medication has many benefits.

Why Automate Your Pharmacy?

Time Savings

Automation frees up time for healthcare teams to focus on patient care.


Automated systems increase the speed,  efficiency and accuracy of dispensing.


Greater productivity of the pharmacy team is achieved.


Pharmacy operations become more cost-effective.


The business can experience increased profitability through automation.

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.