Patented gripper with temporary storage to streamline order processing by efficiently grouping and delivering multiple orders simultaneously.

Unique Patented Picking Arm


Euclid3d is the result of Pharmathek’s vision, experience, and innovation. This patented gripper is provided with temporary storage for grouping and delivering multi-product orders and prescriptions.

This patented feature provides for a more efficient pick and delivery process which releases time for staff to do other activities while all items are being picked and delivered by the EUCLID3D to their exit. 


Efficient Prescription based operation

EUCLID3D can pick a whole prescription for a patient in one pick and delivery journey helping reduce the time and effort required for order fulfilment.

Product pick-up regardless of position

EUCLID3D excels in chaotic stock management environments as it can retrieve products from any position on the shelf, without having to relocate other products first. This means capacity can me maximised without comprising speed of delivery of products to exits.

Reduced Picking & Delivery Journeys

Operational efficiency is further enhanced when picking bulk quantities. The EUCLID3D is capable of picking up to 15 items in one journey. This contributes to lower operating costs, and reduced wear and tear.

How EUCLID3D Works

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.