Split Pack App

Developed specially for the UK market the split/part pack management application saves pharmacies time, space and money in managing these medications.   

PMR independent Split Pack Management Solution

Are you a busy pharmacy that generates a lot of split packs?

These can build up overtime and lead to financial losses. Whether you have decided to go with our SINTESI dispensing robot or the  GENESI this application can be used to prevent waste.

Simply dispense the quantity needed through the robot and the app will create a 2D matrix label for the split pack containing all the original information and the new quantity. The App allows you to change information on the label such as quantity along with the ability to reprint a label. Once printed, simply fix over the original 1D/2D code and restock into the robot like any other medication   

Communication for the split packs is done between the application and the robot. No special integration is required with any PMR system. The stock is updated once the split pack is reloaded into the robot  as normal.


Can be used synchronously with an unlimited number of users . Can be added to additional computers as needed in future.

No Extra
Hardware Required

Use existing computer terminals and label printers.

of PMR

Robot handles all processes via the app. without any integration with pharmacy PMR.



The split packs generated can be stocked through autoloader in the same way as full packs saving time.  

to use

Intuitive interface to generate the appropriate label with two clicks.

Split Pack Application

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.