Fully automated method of handling stock deliveries that can work 24/7 hrs.

Simply place the products in the Pharmaload and walk away.

Innovative and Practical Autoloader

A highly advanced and automated system for managing medicines delivered from wholesalers. The Pharmaload is capable of autonomously handling and loading individual medicines 24/7 hrs a day, reducing the need for manual input for managing delivered medicines.

Continuous operation: Using internal sonars boxes are pushed along conveyer belts in the loader rather than being lifted. The automatic loaders ability to operate around the clock ensures that medication management is not bound by opening hours.

Stock Management: Pharmaload includes an intelligent inventory management system that tracks the quantity and expiration dates of medicines using  QR code technology. This ensures that medications are used before they expire, reducing waste.

High speed processing: Pharmaload can process up to 4 products at a time which allows for a high throughput of up to 300 packages per hour.

Space OptimisationThe design of Pharmaload includes a cleverly integrated worktop space, which can be used as additional surface for dispensing stations. Having a multifunctional system that serves both as a loader and additional workspace optimises the use of available space.


Key Features and benefits of the PHARMALOAD:

Fast: Up to 300 pcs/hour

4 Products processed at a time

4 Cameras

100% automatic loading

Reads and records expiry dates