Compact original pack dispensing  robotic solution ideal for pharmacies of all sizes as well as hub and spoke environments

Your Ultimate Pharmacy Robotic Dispensing Solution

Are you looking to revolutionise your pharmacy operations and take efficiency to the next level? Look no further than the SINTESI, the cutting-edge robotic dispensing solution designed to meet the unique needs of all pharmacies.

Compact Design – Slim and modular to make best use of height rather than floor area of pharmacy. Length from 3m to 15m . Height from 2m to 4m with potential capacity from 3300 packs to 65500 packs

Efficient – The unique patented EUCLID3D is the only gripper with an integrated storage system. It can carry up to 15 packs at a time , combined with the STRATEGA time for dispensing of packs is optimised.

Customisable – SINTESI can be configured to your needs with standard single or double gripers or the Patented Euclid 3D.

Configurable – Can be located on ground floor, basement or on upper floors and then tailored with conveyers , spirals or lifts systems to fit your needs.

Smart Exits –  Intelligent outlets informing the user on what deliveries are arriving to their exit to help make picking error free.


Can be small enough to fit in an average UK car parking space without compromising capacity.


1D , 2D matrix code and QR code recognition for loading and capture of expiry dates. Ability to load and dispense cylindrical products.


Unique app working independent of PMR system.


A user-friendly smartphone like interface with easy navigation to functions of the robot. Visual access to internal cameras allow user to operate intuitively. 


Using real-time monitoring , sensor data and predictive analytics, potential issues are foreseen to reduce unplanned downtime.



Does the SINTESI fit into my premises?

With the smallest footprint being 3m long, 2m high and 1.43m the robot easily be integrated into your pharmacy taking up as little space as possible to meet your needs.

How many packages can I store?

This depends very much on the size of the robot that can be fitted into your pharmacy. The size of the packages also has an influence on capacity. We will be happy to carry out a detailed warehouse analysis with your data to obtain a precise statement about the capacity of the planned machine.

Do I have to buy a new picking machine when the number of customers grows?

The SINTESI can be expanded in length but not height

What kind of work can I save by using a robot?

The robot simplifies day-to-day processes in your pharmacy, as it takes care of the provisioning of goods, general warehouse maintenance and the processing of returns for you. There is no need to walk to the drawers or search for and sort medicines, which saves you valuable time which can be spent providing other customer services.

What advantages does automation offer?

Repetitive tasks can be carried out by automating the process in the pharmacy which frees up time to allow your health care teams to focus on more productive areas of the pharmacy

Can the machine only be located on the ground floor?

The SINTESI is also flexible in the choice of location. It can be installed on the ground floor, basement floor or upper floor.

What is the power consumption?

With the SINTESI you always keep your energy consumption low. When it is not in use, it automatically switches to stand-by mode and reduces its power consumption

What extensions are there for the SINTESI?

The SINTESI is suitable for several add-on options. It can be equipped with the fully automatic feeder storage system, so that you can fill your machine even faster, in addition, the OCR identification system allows the reading of expiry dates that are in human readable form.

A wide range of additions such as lifts, conveyor belts, roller belts, spiral shuts etc to provide the best configuration to suit your needs

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.