Pain- free blistering! Automate blister filing to increase productivity.

Table Top MDS Automation Solution

Introducing the Celia

Celia automates blister filling, increasing productivity whilst giving total traceability. It can fill up to 20 blisters per hour and is scalable by adding up to 16 Celias in a cluster model which will further increase production output.  

User-friendly Interface

Intuitive software facilitating document printing, archiving for traceability, and post-filling inspection.

Time saving

Whilst the Celia fills up the blisters, the healthcare teams are free to focus on customers and other productive activities. 

Interchangeable Canisters

Celia features 24 slots for simultaneous use, each equipped with NFC tags for individual identification. 


Reading, identification, and storage of data relating to medications dispensed (batch number, expiry date, etc.) Ensures security and traceability for the patients. 

Half Tablet managing

In built carousel allows user to deposit split tablets that do not have a cannister semi-automatically.


The camera takes a photo of the blister at the end of filling, the photo is stored, and it is used by the post-fill inspection tool and later as proof. 

How Celia Works

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.