The PHARMALOAD, not only does everything by itself, but it does it in the most efficient way, from the loading of the individual packages, to the measurements of the boxes, to the reading of the codes – barcode and Data matrix – to the Human readable expiration dates, using the inbuild OCR capability.

Speed and accuracy

Each loading phase is performed by a separate device within the PHARMALOAD, ensuring that all the operations involved in transferring the products to the robot are executed efficiently and rapidly

100% of expiry date readings

4 high resolution internal cameras and the built in OCR capability allow PHARMALOAD to quickly and accurately identify the expiry dates shown on each package, be they in a 2D barcode or human readable form

High speed processing

The PHARMALOAD can process up to 4 products at a time which allows for a high throughput of up to 300 Packages per hour

How does it work?

Key Features and benefits of the PHARMALOAD

  • Fast: Up to  300 pcs/hour
  • 4 Products in scan process at a time
  • 4 Cameras
  • 100% automatic loading
  • Reads and records expiry dates
  • Checks shipping bill
  • Connected to your pharmacy software to checklist verification of the delivery note