Productivity meets profitability

Parallel storage and retrieval: While customer orders are being processed by one arm, the other can store, optimize, clean or help with customer orders.

Prescription based operation

This patented gripper allows you to collect products originated from different orders or a complete prescription for a patient in one picking and dispensing trip.

Product pick-up regardless of position

With Euclid3D the advantages of the chaotic stock management are amplified, as any constraint on the position of the product on the shelf disappears. This leads to an increase in the delivery speed of the products to the counter, while maximising the storage capacity of the robot

Less gripper journeys, better performance

With 5 journeys less than theĀ  average robotic solution on the market, the EUCLID3D offers reduced operating costs, related to electricity consumption and maintenance costs

Faster delivery and optimization

Thanks to its ability to group deliveries together, the EUCLID3D guarantees speed where it is needed. The system really comes into its own and distinguishes itself from other delivery systems when it is required to handle multiple complex orders.

How does it work?