OTC Products through our virtual shelves

A safe, easy to clean, solution that expands the boundaries of what products and service you can promote, while the patient waits for their medication

The digital age in Pharmacy

Virtual shelves are your digital sales resource, allowing customers to browse your full range of products in a safe, clean setting. No more misplaced products on the shelf, no more searching the shopfloor for the right product, minimal time required to rearrange products on shelves.

Not Just A virtual shelf

A great marketing tool, to promote special offers, services, and brand promotions .

The touch screens can be used as a great advertising tool when in sleep mode

Key Benefits

The use of virtual shelves in the store allows patients to see lot more of what is available from your Pharmacy then the traditional walk around the store.

There are many benefits of Virtual screens in your Pharmacy

  • Increased Product offering
  • Easy price changes
  • Free up valuable shop floor space
  • Increase cross selling
  • Free up valuable staff time
  • Reduce product theft
  • Promote the products you want when you want
  • Easy to clean shelves