Multi Dose Solutions (Tray or pouch)

Automation should mean Automation

MDS automation solutions up until now have often meant compromise in what element of the process is automated.  Not any more…. with the solutions that Avonnex can offer to the pharmacist, the process of production is fully automated.  From the management of the stock that enters the machine, through the process of production to the automation of checking phase with clever use of artificial learning.

Avonnex has part of its automation portfolio the Robotik Technology offering.  Robotik Technology have been providing machines and expertise in Europe for the production of pouches and blister trays for 20 years.  Their expertise has led to over 1900 installations of machines across the world.  The latest generation of machines are shown below

The RT240 Pouch Robot

The RT240 is a pouch producing machine, it is unique amongst its competitors as it has an integrated automated checking device checking every pouch produced, making sure it contains the right number and type of tablets aligned to the prescription.  Each pouch is barcoded with patient, dosing and content details allowing for bar code verification on administration to the patient

The BAP290 Tray Robot

The BAP290 is a tray producing machine that is truly fully automated.  It produces 60 trays per hour without any need to top up consumables.  The BAP290 checks every cell of the tray automatically within the machine.  The BAP290 seals every tray prior to leaving the machine.  By integrating an external printer the BAP 290 automatically prints a cover sheet for the tray.

Both machines have the capability to automatically print patient information leaflets for each medication dispensed automatically in line with the prescription by being linked to the data from the electronic patient compendium

Both machines can be integrated into your Pharmacy Management System

Avonnex also offer a range of supporting technology including

  • Deblistering management software
  • Automated deblistering
  • My Eureka – patient health management software
  • My Eureka – adherence management software
  • Smaller pouching machines dependent on the footprint of your pharmacy