Moulton Pharmacy, Northampton

Installed in 10/2022

The decrease in dispensing errors has been impressive, especially due to picking medications using the Smart Connected Exits screens, a feature I could only have with the SINTESI robot. 

– Santi, Owner

As a pharmacy owner, I decided to bring a dispensing robot to our pharmacy because I believed that by automating tasks, we could improve our workflow by spending less time on dispensing and spending more time on our customers and pharmacy services. When I saw Avonnex automation solutions at The Pharmacy Show 2021, they really stood out. Their knowledge and commitment to quick local service were impressive. Compared to other robot suppliers, Avonnex responded quickly to all my questions, and it was clear from the start that customer service was a priority to them too, making it an easy choice to partner with them.

The Pharmathek’s SINESTI robot, especially its EUCILD gripper, caught my attention with how it works. I saw it in action during a holiday in Spain at a pharmacy there and was impressed by its design, functionality, and efficiency. Unlike many other grippers, the Euclid gripper’s temporary storage solution allows it to deliver multiple products in one go, saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs

After installing the robot, we found we had much more space in our dispensary than we thought we would do as it’s amazing how much stock can be stored in the SINTESI robot compared to normal shelves! Managing stock holding is so much easier than before as I can get a lot of information from the robot’s dashboard, which I am overstocked/understocked on.

Checking expiry dates became easier as we no longer spend hours on that process. It is done automatically with the robot. Not having to manually do all these repetitive tasks freed up time to focus on our customers and our service. With the robot, I know I will never dispense an expired item as it won’t allow me, but it will dispense the one with the shortest expiry date.

The decrease in dispensing errors has been impressive, especially due to picking medications using the Smart Connected Exits screens, a feature I could only have with the SINTESI robot. The screens tell you what’s being delivered, and we can use them to dispense a whole prescription with several items in one go and whilst the robot is picking them, I’m free to get the next one ready to dispense. The smart exits mean I can dispense multiple prescriptions safely at the same time and the robot will not mix prescriptions from different dispensers reducing human error.

The automatic loader means no more manual putting stock on shelves and has released staff for other more productive activities in the dispensary. Automated stocking in the robot means zero errors from stock being in the wrong place. The loader alone has saved so many man-hours for the pharmacy team.

One of the main successes is the training needed (or reduction in the amount needed) for training new joins as the robot picks accurately when the correct message is sent to it to dispense. I would say that it has drastically reduced the time we spend on dispensing prescriptions enabling us to focus on patient care.

I’m happy to share our story with other pharmacists, not only to show the benefits of automation but also to highlight the fantastic knowledge and service provided by Avonnex. Their ongoing support has been key in our journey toward greater efficiency.

Santi – Moulton Pharmacy

By leveraging these automation solutions, pharmacies can streamline their operations, improve patient care, and stay competitive in the evolving healthcare landscape.