Multi and combi picking capabilities

Choice of 4 picking arm combinations to suit your individual needs allowing for efficient and faster prescription dispensing, capable of picking up to 5 items in one pick and deliver journey, resulting in faster dispensing

Single or twin pickings grippers

 The SINTESI can be supplied with single or twin grippers, in both the standard gripper or the patented EUCLID3D option.

Assisted and automated storage options

The Assisted loading can be enhanced with the addition of a fully automated feeder, which incorporates OCR reading to capture all expiry dates.

Efficient storage

The SINTESI software allows for autonomous adapting of the whole inventory to ensure maximum capacity without compromising dispensing speed. The high density allows storage of up to 4000 boxes per liner meter

Track and delivery at the counter

The unique “connected exits” use sensors and aa dedicated touchscreen to inform the pharmacist as to which prescription is being delivered by the robot and the status of the delivery. Ideal where delivery stations are shared and for tracking and verifying the product is necessary.


Key Features SINTESI Robot

The SINTESI is a feature rich robotic solution, allowing for configurability in key areas of importance

Space – the smallest Robot is 3m long, 2m high and 1.43m wide, with a capacity of approx. 4000 items, to the largest at 15m long and 4m high

Speed of dispensing – The Patented Euclid3D gripper is the only gripper equipped with temporary storage space that allows for different items to be picked in one transaction, reducing multiple pick and delivery journeys to just a single journey for up to 5 items

Delivery while loading – Even the products just loaded, with the auto loader or the assisted loading are immediately available for dispensing


With the smallest footprint being 3m long, 2m high and 1.43m the robot easily be integrated into your pharmacy taking up as little space as possible to meet your needs.

This depends very much on the size of the robot that can be fitted into your pharmacy. The size of the packages also has an influence on capacity. We will be happy to carry out a detailed warehouse analysis with your data to obtain a precise statement about the capacity of the planned machine.

The SINTESI can be expanded in length but not height

The robot simplifies day-to-day processes in your pharmacy, as it takes care of the provisioning of goods, general warehouse maintenance and the processing of returns for you. There is no need to walk to the drawers or search for and sort medicines, which saves you valuable time which can be spent providing other customer services.

Repetitive tasks can be carried out by automating the process in the pharmacy which frees up time to allow your health care teams to focus on more productive areas of the pharmacy

The SINTESI is also flexible in the choice of location. It can be installed on the ground floor, basement floor or upper floor.

With the SINTESI you always keep your energy consumption low. When it is not in use, it automatically switches to stand-by mode and reduces its power consumption

The SINTESI is suitable for several add-on options. It can be equipped with the fully automatic feeder storage system, so that you can fill your machine even faster, in addition the OCR identification system allows the reading of expiry dates that are in human readable form.
A wide range of additions such as lifts, conveyer belts, roller belts, spiral shuts etc to provide the best configuration to suit your needs

Add-On options


A fully automated loading solution

It sorts, measures, scans every package. Like a mini production line, it processes four packages at a time, resulting in faster reliable loading. Incorporating OCR capability it captures human readable expiry dates.

Euclid 3D

A patented gripper system that Speeds up the dispensing process Multi-picking can be up to 5 times faster  then a traditional single gripper.